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How does your district track student progress?

Is it in a binder or in the cloud?

Learn how Mesa Cloud offers a secure, simple, and efficient solution for high school counselors

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Mesa Cloud is a student progress platform, purpose-built to automatically track each student’s achievement against their best graduation path. We ensure no student falls victim to circumstance by combating these challenges:

Transcript Errors

Transcript or schedule errors impact 24.9% of high school students on the first day.

Over-Burdened Counselors

Every counselor, on average, supports 442 high school students.

Manual Entry Errors

In 2021, Mesa resolved over 250,000 errors that would otherwise require manual intervention.

Academic Inequity

Students of color with 3.7 GPA or higher are 25% less likely to be placed into higher level courses.

Strengthen Your Safety Net Throughout The School Year

Start of school

  • Identify last-minute schedule errors
  • Catch and move students from the wrong class
  • Identify off-track seniors

Second semester

  • Check new semester schedules
  • Automate credit checks
  • Flag for intervention any off-track seniors


  • Analyze opportunities next year to place students of color in advanced courses
  • Complete schedules in June vs. August
  • Confirm extra pathways for students like CTE, dual-credit courses, and endorsements

Don't take our word for it

Hear how Richard Carranza, Chancellor of New York City Department of Education, described Mesa Cloud when he was the superintendent of Houston ISD

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