Join the webinar on equity in academics | July 24 @ 4pm ET
Education Administrators Talk Equity:
What Will It Take to Dismantle Racism and Achieve Equity in America’s Public Schools?
Derek Francis
Manager, Counseling Services
Minneapolis Public Schools
Richard Carranza
Chancellor, Dept. of Education
New York, NY
Dr. Andre Spencer
Manor ISD
Travis County, TX
Dr. Nardos King
Asst. Superintendent
Fairfax County, VA
President Elect, NABSE
Juan Cabrera
Superintendent, El Paso ISD
El Paso, TX
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Graduation Management System

No more binders, manual checks, or patchwork systems: Mesa is a centralized, streamlined solution that automatically monitors, flags, and fixes graduation pathways for each student.

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A Digital Safety Net

Mesa automatically monitors your caseload to make sure that every student is on track. Counselors and administrators shouldn’t have to lose sleep over fears that a student fell through the cracks.

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68% of counselors say they spend too much time on administrative tasks. Instead of spending countless hours on manual audits, why not automate the audit?

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Graduation Logic Built-In

The typical state offers tens of millions of possible paths to graduation: managing that complexity is a job for software, not people. Mesa’s revolutionary logic engine is the first dedicated system to solve this critical problem.

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