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Simplify graduation tracking with automation

Say goodbye to graduation pathway errors.

Checking binder after binder of transcripts and schedules to keep students on track is an error-prone and inefficient process. There’s a better way.

The Mesa Cloud credit monitoring platform empowers counselors to put students on the best path to graduation. Automating your graduation progress tracking protects students from falling through the cracks. Mesa Cloud makes it easy to:

Empower overwhelmed counselors

Nationwide, on average, one counselor supports 400+ students. Automatic progress tracking gives you more time working directly with students than with paperwork.

Identify transcript and schedule errors

Across districts, we’ve found that errors impact 25% of high school students on the first day. With Mesa Cloud, you’ll worry less about mistakes affecting graduation.

Minimize manual entry mistakes

In 2022, Mesa Cloud helped counselors resolve over 500,000 transcript, schedule, and graduation pathway errors that would have otherwise required manual intervention.

Address academic inequity

Students of color with a 3.7 GPA or higher are 25% less likely to be placed into higher-level courses. Mesa Cloud helps identify ways to make enrollment more equitable.

Foster on-time graduation throughout the school year

Start of school

  • Uncover last-minute schedule errors
  • Discover class placement mistakes and move students
  • Identify off-track seniors

Second semester

  • Easily check new semester schedules
  • Automate credit checks
  • Flag off-track seniors for intervention


  • Discover opportunities to make enrollment in next year’s advanced courses more equitable
  • Complete schedules in June vs. August
  • Confirm extra pathways for students like CTE, dual-credit courses, and endorsements

Mesa Cloud “is an efficiency booster”

Hear from Richard Carranza, former superintendent of Houston ISD. He notes that with Mesa Cloud, “instead of hand-by-hand looking… we’re able to much more quickly and efficiently address those transcripts."

Thousands of on-time graduates served and growing

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