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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mesa and what do you do?

Every student deserves a chance to earn their graduation; Mesa is a digital safety net to enable districts to fulfill that promise. We integrate with your SIS and automatically monitor student progress: instead of using binders, patchwork systems, or other manual checks, districts use Mesa to sleep easy at night knowing that their students are assured a shot at an on-time graduation.

Is this really a problem that deserves its own system? Doesn’t my SIS already do that?

Great question! No! Your SIS is great at handling student records, but it was never built to automatically monitor the complexity of student academic progress. States have thousands of different courses that students can take towards graduation, which results in an average of over 15 million unique possible paths that a student can take towards graduation: Mesa is the only system purpose-built for tracking all of the nuances of the graduation pathways.

I thought my College Career and Readiness platform did this?

Stellar question! No! Systems like Naviance are great at helping students navigate the difficult and complicated process of college admissions, but Mesa’s purpose is to ensure students can get to that point in the first place. A robust high school diploma is the foundation for post-secondary success. Mesa tracks not just the core graduation requirements, but all the other accomplishments that students are offered in school: dual-credit, AP, IB, and vocational programs like CTE.

Graduation requirements are complicated, is the system hard to use?

Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by such a great question. Our system is deceptively easy to use: our revolutionary logic engine works behind-the-scenes to handle all the nuances of your student data and your graduation requirements so that you don’t have to. Our dashboards and reports find the needle in the haystack; we only flag the students who need a counselor or administrator’s attention.

I don’t think I need this; we’ve got a great in-house solution.

We get it. District IT works really hard to deliver the tools and technology that ensure student success, but this is a different kind of problem. Mesa was built to replace our first client’s in-house system: with all of the changing graduation requirements, course codes, and pathways, a graduation management system must include a purpose-built logic engine to handle the complexity. Your IT team is putting out countless fires every day. Keeping up with the latest pathway addition from the state legislature should be somebody else’s job.

What funds could we use to implement Mesa?

Because of the broad scope of our program (tracking graduation includes tracking every subject, every pathway, for every demographic group), specific local and state initiatives, plus federal funding sources such as Perkins, Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, are consistently applicable towards Mesa’s purchase. Please contact us here with any specific questions about how a certain funding source could be directed towards Mesa’s purpose of assuring an equitable, on time graduation for every student.

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