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Central Access and Mesa Cloud Build a New Digital Safety Net for Mississippi Students

Proven integration simplifies deployments to begin supporting students faster.

AUSTIN, Texas and RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI -- The leading Student Information System (SIS) in the state of Mississippi, Central Access, today announces a new partnership with student progress platform Mesa Cloud, to create an integrated solution customized to Mississippi districts aimed at preventing COVID-19 from jeopardizing graduation for a single Mississippi public high school student.

Founded in 2017, Mesa Cloud is a new student progress platform, purpose-built to automatically track each student’s progress toward their graduation path. A powerful logic engine customizable for each school district’s unique graduation requirements automates otherwise manual, error-prone schedule and transcript checking. Already integrated with seven leading national SIS platforms, Mesa Cloud is now fully integrated with Central Access. The milestone enables Mississippi districts to reduce the technology deployment timeline and acquisition cost.

“We believe the American promise of a quality public education should not fail a single student. Pandemic or not. We built Mesa Cloud to address for high school districts the type of manual errors technology can automate. Our logic engine integrates seamlessly with a district’s unique requirements, moving student tracking from binders and file cabinets to the cloud. Incidentally, a cloud-based solution is essential for remote learning, when students and educators are not co-located. During this unprecedented season of disruption, our digital safety net finds and flags errors before they cost a student their graduation. This mission gets us out of bed in the morning and at this critical moment we’re thrilled to partner with Central Access to roll Mesa Cloud out to Mississippi districts”, says Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, John Kennedy.

The leading SIS in Mississippi, Central Access serves 128 districts across the state spanning 318,000 students. Building on their trusted relationship with Mississippi school administrators, Central Access identified an opportunity to extend the value of their SIS, SAM Spectra, by integrating with Mesa Cloud, to automate student tracking and improve data reporting, beyond what’s offered by SIS platforms. The pandemic makes this partnership timely and even more valuable to districts who adopt it.

“We are always looking for partners that further empower districts with technology that efficiently improves public education in our state,” says Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Alex Manning. “Mesa Cloud has proven their automation nearly eliminates error-prone tracking and increases the time counselors can spend with each student. During a pandemic, the time counselors spend with students on socio-economic and emotional needs matters even more.”

About Mesa

Mesa Cloud is a student progress platform that prevents students from slipping between the cracks due to transcript, schedule, and other data errors. By automating student tracking, Mesa Cloud provides a digital safety net for students, delivering districts an always-on alternative to manual efforts to find, flag, and fix errors that jeopardize a student’s trajectory. By automating what can be automated, Mesa Cloud frees counselors to spend more time on the precious work that can’t be. Founded in 2017 by an educator and a student and serving public school districts nationwide, Mesa Cloud is based in Austin, Texas.

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The mission of Central Access Corporation is to provide those in the K-12 education community with tools to assist them in doing their jobs through the development and delivery of quality computer software products and top-notch support services. Established in 1954, Central Access has been servicing the K-12 education community every day since. What began with school supplies evolved into all-encompassing software solutions that cater to the needs of all aspects of the school district. Central Access works hand-in-hand with the Mississippi Department of Education as well as other K-12 service partners to ensure they offer the best solutions possible to Mississippi public schools.

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