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Scan Every Student,
Every Night

No more binders, manual checks, or patchwork systems: Mesa is a centralized student progress platform that automatically monitors, flags, and fixes graduation pathways for each student.

Instantly pinpoint academic issues

Mesa analyzes transcripts and schedules so you don’t have to. We do a nightly scan of your data to automatically identify every transcript, schedule, or pathway error for every high school student. Why should counselors be reviewing binders full of transcripts or scrutinizing pages on an SIS when they could be advising on mental health, socio-emotional wellness, or postsecondary options like college or a career? Mesa lets counselors and administrators focus on the most impactful parts of their job: improving student outcomes.

Fill a gap in your district's stack

Mesa integrates with your SIS, pulling transcript, roster, and testing data on a nightly basis. Your SIS was built to store student records, not analyze the data against graduation requirements and act as a safety net when issues arise. Mesa offers an easy to use dashboard to manage academic opportunities: leave the complicated analysis to us so your district can get back to work

You configure most systems from scratch. Not Mesa.

Mesa comes pre-installed with your state’s graduation requirements. Producing and maintaining your complicated academic logic deserves our full attention; it’s not a job meant for a district administrator. Mesa’s dedicated implementation team collaborates with thought leaders in counseling to ensure that we track all of the details, complexities, and nuances of your student pathways.

Not just English, Math, Science, History

Mesa knows how complicated graduation requirements have gotten over the last few years. Existing systems weren’t built to handle multiple diploma types, career and technical education, or additional graduation pathways like endorsements. You need a comprehensive system to manage academic opportunities: with seemingly infinite choices but only a small number of classes per semester, what’s optimizing each student’s path? Mesa’s reports show the best way forward for the holistic diploma, tracking when students fall short of any of their advanced requirements.