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Watch Webinar: Proactive Counseling in the Aftermath of Major Racial Incidents

Join us!
Blog post written by
Derek Francis
Manager of Counseling Services

Here's the video recording from our webinar! We had an awesome time - we are so proud of the dialogue and conversation we were able to have with the thousands that attended. Thanks to all who joined - we look forward to seeing you at the next one!


Webinar Purpose - 6:22
Topics for Today - 7:40
Why a Conversation on School Counselors Addressing Racism? - 8:10
ASCA Stance on Equity - 9:55
Addressing the Silence -12:50
Minnesota History with Race Incident - 21:45
Race Based Trauma: Students and Staff - 25:16
Systemic Barriers in School Counseling - 33:20
Comprehensive, Proactive, Equity-Based School Counseling Support - 45:00
Allies and Accomplices - 1:05:25
When Errors Happen - 1:12:40
What We Can Do Now - 1:19:45
Contact Us - 1:23:52

Also make sure to check out Derek Francis's companion video below and blog post here

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